Code Compliance

Code Compliance

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Keeping the Village Clean, Safe, and Beautiful
Stone Mountain Code Compliance focuses on education and compliance with all City codes and ordinances that may affect the City's quality of life, its aesthetics, and the welfare of its citizens.  Through our City codes and ordinances, the City Council sets minimum requirements and standards regarding property and structures to promote and protect the public health, convenience, order, and general safety of all its citizens. These minimum standards are designed to preserve and improve the quality of life for present and future citizens of the City and promote a sense of community, facilitate clean and peaceful neighborhoods, limit congestion of motor vehicles, and control transiency.  Preservation and improvement are recognized by our City leaders as necessary to prevent the deterioration of our surroundings and enhance our quality of life.

The most effective means of improving our community is through voluntary compliance, so educating and guiding our citizens is a top priority.  A few of the most frequent violations are as follows:

          Grass and Yard Maintenance - Grass, weeds, and vines must be kept under 12 inches tall.  This includes ivy creeping up trees.  (City Ordinance Section 5-267(d)).

          Vehicles - Vehicles at a property must be operable with current registration (City Ordinance Section 5-267(h)).  Zoning restrictions also prohibit parking vehicles on grass.

          Signs - Signs promoting businesses/services or political candidates must not be in the right-of-way or attached to utility poles or street signs (City Ordinance Section 23).

          Trash/Junk/Debris - Maintaining a clean, safe, and sanitary condition of your property is important, so trash, junk, and debris must be removed from any property within the City (City Ordinance Section 5-267(a)).   Before moving items to the street for disposal, make sure you have followed the rules governing the types of items (City Ordinance Section 24-24).

          Vacant or Foreclosed Properties - City ordinance requires that vacant (Section 5-423) and foreclosed (Section 5-413) properties must be registered with the City Clerk and pay a fee.  Click the link on the left toolbar for more information.

If you have any comments, complaints, or concerns, email Code Compliance at