Court Services

Municipal Court

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Court Room

Court Services operates from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. 

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Citation Information: For court dates, ticket amounts, and even to pay by phone,
please call toll free 1-(844) 848-4749.  If you wish to view the court calendar, use the link in the menu on the left.

Paying Citations
If you wish to pay a citation in lieu of appearing in court, you may do so during regular business hours up until your court time.  For your convenience, we accept Visa and Mastercard.  Online payments are accepted until midnight of the day prior to your court date.  To pay online, go to

Resetting your Court Date
If you would like to reset your court date for a later date, you must contact the Clerk of  Court at least 48 hours prior to your assigned court date.  Any subsequent reset requests may require documentation justifying the delay.

Change of Address
O.C.G.A. § 40-5-33 mandates that drivers must update their address with the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle Safety within 60 days of moving.   If the address on your license or citation is outdated, it is your responsibility to notify the Clerk of Court of the correct address.  Notices sent to an incorrect address will not constitute an excuse for non-compliance.


  • All phones and pagers should be turned off or silenced.  Any disruption of those devices in Court may lead to a fine, a charge of Contempt of Court, and/or resetting of your case.
  • Hats and non-prescription sunglasses may not be worn in the Court Room.
  • Upon entering the Court Room, you should receive a "Plea Sheet."  This sheet explains your rights and must be completed/signed before your case will be heard.
  • Persons sentenced to a fine of less than $200 are not eligible for Probation unless specifically authorized by the Judge.