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Depot Renovation

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rsz depot conceptual plan page
Stone Mountain's beautiful granite depot is a landmark within the City's National Register Historic District. Between 1857 and 1950, Stone Mountain granite was shipped from it's platforms to the Panama Canal and hundreds of Post Office sites throughout the United States. During the Civil War, Sherman's troops lit its platform on fire during the March to the Sea. Hundreds of community members used the depot to travel and ship household items. Families, husbands, and wives, sometimes in times of war, have made their goodbyes on its platform. Now it has the potential to transform our future as our new welcome center, museum/event space, and senior center.

Proposed Five-Year Plan
* Restore north building to its circa 1914 appearance so it can house a Welcome Center, Village Museum, and Public Restrooms.
* Reconstruct end platforms and landscape
* Restore south building for use as Senior Center and event space
* Move the 1914 Seaboard Railroad Cupola Caboose, currently used as our Visitor Center, alongside the Depot.
* Establish Depot as trailhead for Heritage Trail linking park and Village.

2015 saw the completion of exterior renovations including a new roof and gutters, insulation, repointing the 1857 side of the building and drainage improvements. The city secured $280,000 to fund these improvements and is actively seeking grant-funding to move the $1.5 million restoration forward in phases over the next five years.

2018 saw the completion of an ADA-compliant restroom and new electrical panel for the north building. The original terrazzo flooring in the court room was restored and new carpet and tile was placed in the offices and future welcome center spaces. 

in August of 2019, we opened the Welcome Center, Tourism Manager Office and Downtown Development Authority Office in the 1914 end of the Depot.