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In 1839, the Village dusted the granite off its porches and moved west, shucking its first location, in favor of what the railroad would bring. They hedged their bets and wisely didn't move far. New Gibraltar, known as Stone Mountain after 1847, and the Georgia Railroad were linked and the new right-of-way served as the western boundary for the developing mountain town. Hotels, restaurants, and stores were advantageously placed to grab the attention of all comers as they stepped off the depot platform. Captains of the granite industry, educators, farmers, slaves, freedmen, entrepreneurs, hotelkeepers, merchants, bankers, ministers, all walked Main Street. Its brick and granite buildings greeted early twentieth-century newcomers and immigrants, many of whom sought their fortunes in the area's thriving granite industry. Main Street also served the growing local community, many of whom left their farms for town life. This history is captured in the Village's architecture. Each building contains a story or an event to be shared about small town life in Georgia. Enjoy the tour!

Download a copy of the Stone's Throw Tour brochure here.