February 4, 2019

With regards to the group protest that took place within the limits of the City of Stone Mountain, Georgia this weekend, the City’s Officials and Administration offer the following statement:

A group of an estimated 150 protestors did enter into the City of Stone Mountain on Saturday, February 2, 2019 with the intent to parade through the City into Stone Mountain Park for a specific cause.  The group did meet police presence as they began to assemble, with some members of the group being armed.

It is the City’s policy that a permit, issued by the office of the City Manager, is required for any person to engage, participate in, aid, form, or start any assembly or parade.  Application for a permit had not been submitted by the group and therefore, no permit had been issued to the group by the Administration Office of the City.  However, in pursuit of the safety of the City’s citizens, visitors, and the police officers present, and to deter acts of riot, the City’s Police Chief made a decision to allow the protestors to parade while maintaining police presence.  The parade ended with no loss of life or property, and with no injury to civilians or to law enforcement. 

The decision made by Police Chief Troutman under Saturday’s circumstances does not, in any way, negate the City’s intention to enforce its policy on permits required for assembly and parade activity. 

The actions of the group are not condoned or supported by the City, its Officials, or its Administration. 

The City of Stone Mountain and its Police Department are committed to ensuring that its citizens and all other stakeholders are served in a manner that promotes peace, justice, and safety.


ChaQuias Thornton
City Manager