Official Statement regarding East Mountain Street.


With regards to the East Mountain Street Sidewalk Project (including the Second Street project phase), the City of Stone Mountain, the City Officials, and the administration offer the following statement:

The City Council, after executive session held March 7th , 2017, consented to have construction contract attorney to inform the contractor of record of the City's intent to hold the contractor to the contract as executed.  The City is currently involved in a contract dispute with the contractor of record. There have been overages invoiced within pay requests issued by the contractor. The City is expecting response from the contractor immediately following the contractor's receipt of the City's letter of intent. 

In a collaborative effort with the contractor and the engineer of record, we are working to provide a timely resolution.At this time there is noting further to report, however the constituents of the City will be notified as updates arise.

The City understands that construction projects often render an inconvenience to the community and the construction site currently paints an unsightly picture. Please know that the City is working towards a timely project completion and is hopeful of a finished product that citizens, business and property owners, and visitors alike will enjoy.

Please do not hesitate to present your questions and concerns to your City Officials and to the administration. We are here to address them and to provide you with the assurance that we are working on your behalf in this and all matters.


ChaQuias Thornton

City Manager